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Quick Start Dashboard

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Submit your analysis in five simple steps

  1. Enter contact information
  2. Upload compensated FCS files containing the population of interest (for example, T cells)
  3. Assign each sample to a patient group (for example, responders versus nonresponders)
  4. Delete non-analytical markers such as LIVEDEAD
  5. Submit

If you cannot submit your analysis for any reason, please upload your data to our Drive and send us an email at dan@terraflow.app

You did it!

Your results will be emailed to you within 24 hours

Questions or issues? Email us directly at dan@terraflow.app

Sample Upload

Each sample must be assigned a label. For example, healthy versus disease, responders versus nonresponders, or pre versus post. To exclude a data file from analysis, right click on the sample and select "Remove row".

If data is paired, click Paired and assign an unique identifier to each set. For example, if data consists of a pre and post sample from each patient then the Pair column would contain the patient's id. Each pair must contain exactly one sample from each class.

Tip: if labels are stored in Excel, copy and paste values directly into the table.

Channel Upload

Certain analyses use florescent intensity thresholds to partition cells that express or lack a particular protein. Users can enter thresholds manually or autoassign them during analysis.

Before uploading, delete any non-analytical markers such as LIVEDEAD or CD3 that may have already been gated on before upload.

Tip: if thresholds are stored in Excel, sort both channel columns by clicking on the Channel header and copy/paste the Threshold column.